SAE/ABET Relations Committee

Committee Members

The ABET Relations Committee shall consist of nine appointed members. Three members shall be appointed each year for a three-year term. In addition, the membership shall include those appointed to serve as Representative Directors to ABET and the representatives on both the Engineering Accreditation Commission and the Technology Accreditation Commission. The Chair of the committee shall be appointed by the EEB Chair from among the membership on a yearly basis.

1999 Members

Dr. Gerald S. Jakubowski
Loyola Marymount University

Dr. Philip S. Keller
Chrysler Corporation

Dr. Thomas E. Kenney
Ford Motor Company

Dr. John D. Lorenz
Kettering University

Daniel J. Weinacht
ARES Corporation

2000 Members

Dr. John H. Johnson
Michigan Technological University

Dr. Richard T. Johnson
Wichita State University

Kimberly S. Pastega
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group

2001 Members

Chuck W. Allport
Cedarville University

Dr. David R. Lancaster
General Motors Corporation

J. E. "Ted" Robertson
General Motors Corporation

Dr. John Lorenz
Kettering University

2002 Members

Ronald L. Bengelink
The Boeing Company

Dr. James F. Marchman
Virginia Tech

Dr. Brian P. Sangeorzan
Oakland University

2003 Members

Dr. Nicholas Cernansky
Drexel University

Jing Sun
Ford Motor Company

Hulas H. King
Unigraphics Solutions

SAE Representatives to ABET Board of Directors

Dr. Thomas E. Kenney
Ford Motor Company

Daniel J. Weinacht-Alternate
ARES Corporation

SAE Representatives to ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission

Dr. Gerald S. Jakubowski
Loyola Marymount University

Dr. James Marchmann-Alternate
Virginia Tech

SAE Representatives to ABET Technology Accreditation Commission

Kevin D. Taylor
Purdue University

Fred Z. Sitkins-Alternate
Engineering Society of Detroit