Emerging Technologies Advisory Board

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ETAB Definition
Emerging technologies, as used by the Emerging Technologies Advisory Board (ETAB), consist of new technological discoveries that possess the potential to significantly affect the mobility industries; existing technologies that have impending new or revised applications; and major issues and trends that may have profound, new technology implictions.

ETAB Scope
The Emerging Technologies Advisory Board will serve as an alert mechanism on emerging technologies, and as a mechanism to ensure appropriate SAE response on mobility technology issues that are not readily addressed by operating boards and/or other committees. These issues will tend to be those whose urgency and/or need for a coordinated effort would dictate the need for and involvement of a group that is not encumbered by conventional SAE structure and timing.

ETAB Objectives
• Serve as an alert mechanism.
• Ensure appropriate SAE response.
• Enhance aerospace/ground vehicle interface.
• Serve as SAE's visionary body and help broaden its perspectives.

ETAB Customer
The SAE structure defined as SAE Operating Board Organizations and members.

ETAB Process
• Hold ETAB meetings as required with at least one face to face meeting a year. More interactions via other mechanisms (phone, fax, e-mail, mail and video conferences) are encouraged.

• Sponsor and conduct Mobile Technology Planning Forum (MTPF) meetings.

• Provide input into SAE Structure primarily through the Strategic Planning Committee Process.

• Provide direct input to SAE Board of Directors when appropriate.

• Consider sponsorship of Emerging Technology Sessions at traditional SAE meetings and conferences.

For information on how you can participate or to find out more about specific committee activities, contact CustomerService@sae.org