Faculty Advisors Committee

Serving as a Faculty Advisor at a university or college usually is done as an added task over and above those required by school administration. This is particularly true at the universities and colleges with research orientation.

The SAE Faculty Advisors Committee was created to:

  • Develop and implement programs that will assist Faculty Advisors of collegiate chapters in their professional development and emphasize to university and college administrations the favorable contribution of serving as faculty advisors to their professional development.

  • Act as a forum to provide interaction among faculty advisors and between faculty advisors and SAE International Staff.

  • Develop and implement plans to enhance the image of SAE International on campuses and thus the stature of the faculty advisor.

This group also supports and encourages participation by Advisors for all SAE Collegiate Design Series™ competitions as well as any faculty involved in SAE International as: Fellows, Teetor Award recipients, authors or reviewers of SAE technical papers, technical session organizers, standards committee members, book authors, etc..

The SAE Faculty Advisors Committee meeting is held annually during the SAE World Congress in Detroit, MI.

All faculty are encouraged to attend to discuss issues that affect you and your students on campus and how SAE International may be able to support your needs.

If you would be interested in either, please contact Allison Hostetler.

SAE Staff Contact:
Allison Hostetler
Local Activities Specialist
Phone: 724-772-4079
Email: allison.hostetler@sae.org