Role & Expectations of SAE Faculty Advisors

SAE has over 12,000 student members and at least 354 SAE Collegiate Chapters at universities and technical schools around the world. These Chapters provide engineering students with practical exposure to a professional engineering society and a focal point on campus for student engineering programs and activities.

Through their participation in SAE Collegiate Chapters and the SAE Collegiate Design Series, students are able to develop key careers skills including: leadership, organization, communication, teaming project management, conflict resolution, time management, finance and budgeting and others.

An actively engaged SAE Faculty Advisor contributes greatly to the student's SAE experience. In addition to invaluable guidance and advice, they provide the continuity needed in a Collegiate Chapter. Since student membership is fluid and officers change annually, the Faculty Advisor is critical to the continued success of Chapter policies and activities from year to year.

Some activities of the Faculty Advisor include:

Membership Activities - Encourage your students to:

Collegiate Chapter Activities - Encourage your students to:

Career Activities - Encourage your students to:

Community Service Activities:

There are certain limitations restrictions placed on Collegiate Chapters as a function of the constitution and not-for-profit status of SAE International. Therefore, Collegiate Chapters may not, directly or indirectly:

  • Engage in activities to exert political pressure of influence.
  • Participate in programs relating to employer-employee relations or to problems dealing with the economic status of the engineer.
  • Endorse or condemn any commercial product by direct or indirect action.

We strongly encourage all Faculty Advisors to be SAE members.

SAE Staff Contact:
Nicole Iorfido
Local Activity Specialist
Phone: 724-772-7570