SAE Technical Papers Program

This program provides access to SAE Technical Papers and Special Publications (gratis) to universities to provide information that students need for class work, literature searches, projects, Senior Design/Capstone course, etc.

Each calendar year, Faculty Advisors can request up to 30 SAE Technical Papers. Currently, we can only offer these documents in print, not through downloads. You can search the SAE website (which now includes abstracts) to find papers that interest your students.

Eligibility: Your University must be an established SAE Collegiate Branch and have a registered SAE Faculty Advisor.

To qualify for this program:

  1. Have an active and established SAE Collegiate Chapter at your university
  2. Update your Student Officers each year

To order, just email your requests to Please include your shipping address.

How to Understand the Numbering System for SAE Documents

Technical Papers have one of two numbering formats:

  1. 6 digit number (e.g. 941542) for all papers published prior to 1999
  2. 10 digit number (e.g. 2007-01-1542) for all papers published after 1988. The middle digits must be "01" to qualify.

Special Publications begin with "SP" and are a collection of Technical Papers presented at a given session in one conference.

Standards begin with letters and are not included in this gratis program:

  1. Ground Vehicle Standards start with the letter "J"
  2. Aerospace Standards start with various letters, including: AS, AMS, AIR, AIP, etc.

NOTE: This program is not available for universities in countries with an SAE Affiliate (Brazil, India).

SAE Staff Contact:
Allison Hostetler
Local Activity Specialist
Phone: 724-772-4079