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Foundation Board of Trustees

The Foundation Board of Trustees will consist of no less than nine or more than twenty members. The Foundation Board Nominating Committee will nominate the Chair and the Members-at-Large and the Foundation Board of Trustees will confirm the nominations.

Voting Members Term/Term Limitations
Chair - selected from the SAE member, members-at-large category One-to-three year term, confirmed or replaced on an annual basis.
Members-at-Large (seven-to-eighteen) Up to two three-year terms. One year break in service required for reappointment.
Non-SAE Member Members-at-Large (five maximum) Up to two three-year terms. One year break in service required for reappointment.
A current Director serving on the SAE Board One-to-three year term, coincides with the Director's term on the SAE Board.
SAE Past President One three-year term.
Nonvoting Members  
Chief Financial Officer Ex Officio
Secretary-Appointed by the Chief Executive Officer Ex Officio

All voting members are appointed by the President and subject to Board approval.

The Foundation Board of Trustees will be responsible for:

  1. Fundraising, donor satisfaction of use of funds raised, and ongoing reserves and endowments.
  2. Promoting the Foundation and SAE educational activities.
  3. Gaining Board approval, prior to establishing and managing Foundation subsidiaries in countries outside the United States where a significant number of members and/or contributors reside.
  4. Working in close cooperation and collaboration with the Education Board, other relevant SAE functions/organizations, and outside organizations that may further the job products of the Foundation.


  1. The Foundation will seek and provide financial support for SAE's kindergarten through graduate school educational programs and activities in general and in particular K-12 an AWIM® programs and activities.
  2. SAE Foundation Financial Management Policy.