Aerospace Advisory Group

Scope: The Air and Space Group (ASG) is responsible for overseeing the business of the aerospace Applied Technology Committees (ATC) of aerospace conferences with which SAE is affiliated. When it is feasible, the ASG also recommends changes to aerospace Activities and their committees and the establishment of new aerospace Activities, committees, meetings, and conferences to the EMB.

Parent Committee: SAE Engineering Events Groups and Committees

Committees reporting to this body:
Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Committee
Design, Manufacturing and Economics of Composites Committee
AeroTech Strategic Leadership Council
Aerospace Manufacturing and Automated Fastening Committee
Aerospace Systems and Technology General Committee
Avionics Committee
Safety Committee
Unmanned Aerial Systems Committee
Business Economics Committee
Integrated Vehicle Health Management Committee
Aviation Cyber Security Committee
Aerospace Ground Support Equipment Committee
Aircraft and Engine Conference Planning Committee
Flight Sciences Committee
Aerospace Operations Committee
Aerospace Alternative Fuels Committee
Vehicle and Systems Engineering Committee
Environment Committee
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Committee
Vehicle Systems Committee
AeroFast International Committee
Manufacturing, Material, Structure Committee
Power Systems Committee
Propulsion Committee
Aerospace Vehicle Systems Committee
Aerospace Counterfeit Parts Organizers
Deicing Conference Committee
International Conf. on Envir. Systems
Safety Management Systems Committee

Chair: Jeffrey Morgan, Gerald Shoemaker
No Committee Vice Chair is currently identified.

SAE Staff Contact: Laura Gonnella