EMB Land and Sea Group

Scope: The Land & Sea Group (LSG) is responsible for overseeing the business of the ground vehicle Activities, their committees, and the General/Steering Committees of ground vehicle conferences with which SAE is affiliated. When it is feasible, the LSG also recommends changes to ground vehicle Activities and their committees and the establishment of new ground vehicle Activities, committees, meetings, and conferences to the EMB.

Parent Committee: SAE Engineering Events

Committees reporting to this body:
All Wheel Drive Committee
SAE Asian Advisory Committee
Automobile Electronics Activity
Automobile Body, Chassis, Safety, and Structures Activity
Brake Colloquium Executive Committee
Connect2Car Organizers
Facing the Challenge of Future CO2 Targets
Convergence Executive Leadership Committee
Commercial Vehicle Activity
ComVec Executive Council
DOD Maintenance Symposium Organizing Committee
SAE European Advisory Committee
Electric Motors and Electric Powertrains Organizers
Government Industry Mtg General Comm
Noise and Vibration Conference General Committee
Heavy Truck Handling Committee
Hybrids Organizers
Integrated Design and Manufacturing Activity
Materials Engineering Activity
Motorsports Engineering Activity
North American International Powertrain Executive Leadership
Powertrain Fuels and Lubricants Activity
SAE South American Advisory Committee
Small Engine Technology Conference General Committee
Transmission and Driveline Symposium Organizers
Thermal Management Activity
World Congress Management Program Committee
Young Professionals Strategic Leadership Council
Honored Guest Banquet Invitees
ILC Roster

Chair: Karina Morley
Vice Chair: Christopher Shaw

SAE Staff Contact: Nori Fought