Information for SAE Paper Authors regarding Copyright

Why SAE International requests assignment of copyright.
Holding the Copyright enables SAE to publish the paper in any of SAE's publications and in any media. The author continues to retain certain rights as noted below. It also enables SAE to register the copyright with the Library of Congress and to fight any possible infringement.

Rights retained by author

  • Patent and trademark rights, or rights to any process or procedure described in the work.
  • Six months after the first publication of the work by SAE, the author may reproduce and distribute the work in print/film for one year and in electronic/optical media for five years, including posting the work on the author's website, or their company's website if work-made-for-hire. Posting on another company's website is not permitted, and must be approved by SAE International.
  • The right to post the work on a secure network (not accessible to the public) within the author's institution (six month time limit not required when posted on an internal site).
  • The right to use the work, or any part of it, in a printed compilation of works of their own, such as collected writings or lecture notes.
  • If the work is a "work-made-for-hire" made within the scope of the author's employment, the employer may use all or part of the work for company purposes.
  • The author can present the paper at a non-SAE meeting or conference provided the six-month wait period has occurred, and distribute copies of the work to the delegates attending the meeting provided the paper includes the SAE copyright notice. These copies may not be sold.
  • The author can publish a different or extended version of the work so long as it is sufficiently new to be considered a new work.

All above usage must credit the copyright to SAE International.

Additional information for paper authors can be found at Apr2013