Netscape bug fix

If you use Netscape version 4.73 or earlier, you will encounter a bug on secure websites. Here is how to work around the bug when you visit the SAE website:

1. Click the "Log in" tab and enter your user ID and password, then click "Submit."
2. You will get a pop-up box that mentions security issues. The box will have a check box on the lower left side.
3. Uncheck this box (it reads "don't show this alert again").
4. Another box may then pop up that looks just like the first one. Uncheck the box again.
5. The "Netscape Feedback Agent" may come up.
6. Close the Feedback Agent.
7. Close any error windows that have come up.
8. Try to log in again, the problem should be gone.

You won't have to do any of this again if you have followed all these steps, and you should be able to log in.

Another alternative is to download a later version of Netscape or Internet Explorer.