New SAE Search Function

In our continuing effort to provide our customers with the highest level of service, SAE has released a new, upgraded Web site search engine for In addition to providing more relevent and concise results to search queries, the new functionality offers the following enhanced features:

  • The results 'hit list' can now provide a summary, including a detailed description (i.e. Standard Scopes, Book Testimonials, etc.) for any content stored in the database.

  • Sort results by date or by relevance. With the previous search engine, results hit lists were only sorted by relevance.

  • The results hit list now shows the publication date of the document and the document type (Book, Paper, Standard, etc.).

  • The results hit list now shows a Search Summary box, which displays the total documents retrieved by document type.

  • The results hit list now contains a Search Term box, which contains the search terms and a link back to the Search Form, which is helpful for subsequent searches.

  • It is now possible to search from within an original Search results hit list by entering terms in the "Search these results" box displayed at the end of the results hit list.