Mobility History Committee


To preserve and present mobility history so the past clarifies the present and helps as a guide the future for SAE members, potential members, and other interested parties.


The Committee will actively encourage research, preservation and presentation of historic mobility centered materials at the SAE Congress and other appropriate venues.

Why preserve and present history?

  • Understand why we are where we are.
  • Provide a benchmark for improving the process and measuring progress.
  • Preserve "Prior Art."
  • To many of us it is just fun!
  • We enjoy doing it.

Early Activity objectives

  • Encourage publication and presentation of papers, articles and books dealing with the history of engineering organizations, projects and technology
  • Record, index, promulgate and retain oral histories from senior or leading automotive engineers.
  • Maintain a list of speakers and subjects available for presentations about the history and background of technical subjects.
  • Prepare material to aid students and younger members understand the background, history and prior art of contemporary "high profile" technology subjects.

Next Presentation

  • Mobility History Committee Technical Presentation at SAE 2013 World Congress and Exhibition. Click here to see schedule of topics and speakers!