SAE Mobility History Congress Presentations
2005 - 2011


  • "America's Mobility Revisited - Prelude to the Revolution" James A. Wren, MVMA (Retired)
  • "The Selden Patent" Donald Wood, Intellectual Property Attorney
  • "American Automobile Design in the 20th Century" William Porter, General Motors Corporation (Retired)
  • "Detroit's Quest for Aviation Supremacy" John A. Bluth, Aviation Historian and Writer
  • "The Waxing and Waning of Some Alternative Automotive Powerplants" Charles Amann, KAB Engineering
  • "The Infernal Machine - The Rollicking Years of the Horseless Carriage" - Beverly Rae Kimes, Author of Books on Mobility History


  • "The Postwar Car - The Anticipation and the Reality" James Wagner, Ford Motor Company (Retired)
  • "The Two Henry's - Henry Leland and Henry Ford and How They Shaped the Modern Michigan" Robert Elton, Griswold Engineering
  • "The First Century of Automotive Coatings - The Only Constant Is Change" Robert Rudolph Matheson, DuPont Corporation
  • "Historic Episodes in the First Half Century of Turbocharging" - Charles Amann, KAB Engineering
  • "Historical Development of Fuel Cells" Peter Faguy, Advance Materials Measurements & Devices, Inc.


  • "Crankcase Lubricant Additives - You Don't Leave Home Without Them" - Willam Chamberlin, Consultant
  • "Knock, Knock, Who's There? - Ricardo, Kettering, and Contemporaries" - Charles Amann, KAB Engineering
  • "Highlights of the Evolution of Emission Control Systems for Passenger Cars" J. Robert Mondt, Delphi Inc. (Retired)
  • "The Future Auto World - Round or Flat?" David Cole, Center for Automotive Research, Ann Arbor MI
  • "Aviation's Golden Years - 1925-1945" John Bluth, Aviation Historian and Writer
  • "An Overview of the History, Development and Manufacture of the Pneumatic Tire" Douglas Butcher, ChemTrend, Inc.


  • "The Automobilists World - 1908" John Bluth, Aviation Historian and Writer
  • "Engineering the Universal Car - Why the Model T Turned Out the Way It Did" - Bob Casey, Curator of Transportation, The Henry Ford
  • "The Beginnings of General Motors - Sights, Sounds and Personalities" - Lawrence Gustin, Public Relations, Buick (Retired)
  • "GM's Advanced Propulsion Strategy - The Historic Development of the Included Technologies" - not found Uwe Grebe, Executive Director, Advanced Engineering, GM Powertrain
  • "The 21st Century Auto Hybrid - Courtship, Marriage, Gestation and Birth" - Charles Amann, KAB Engineering
  • "The History of the Chrysler "Hemi" Engine" Willem Weertman, Chrysler Corporation (Retired)


  • "The Quest for Mobility - Surface Transportation." Charles A. Amann, KAB Engineerinng
  • "Milwaukee Junction - Cradle of Detroit's Automobile Industry" Robert C. Cosgrove, SAE Mobility History Committee
  • "A Technical History of the Hudson Motor Company." Robert Elton, Griswold Enginnering
  • "Early History of the Indianapolis 500." Alfred Bosley, Chrysler Corporation (Retired)
  • "We were Ramchargers - Changing Chrysler's Image on the Race Track" Tom Hoover Chrysler Corporation (Retired)
  • "Ramcharger Panel Discussion - How We Got There" - Robert H. Lees Chair and other Ramcharger Program Participants, Chrysler Corporation (retired) Mike Buckel, Dick Burke, Tom Coddington Gary Congdon, M. Barnes Daniels, Pete McNicholl, Dave Rockwell, Jim Thornton, John Wherly & on display their first club car "The High & Mighty"


  • "The Quest for Mobility - Aerial Transportation" Charles A. Amann, KAB Engineering
  • "Cole the Standardized Car - Looking for the Best Parts" Leroy D. Cole, Cole Company
  • "The Golden Age of the Electric Automobile" Donald L. Wood, Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • "Blood Lines and Bloody Knuckles - Technical Developmental Comparison of European and American Racing Engines" Michael L.Kendel
  • "The Development and Evolution of Motor Fire Apparatus in America 1906-1970" Walter M. P. McCall, Chrysler Corporation (Retired)


  • "The Birth of Automotive Emission Control - A Look in the Rear View Mirror" - Charles A. Amann, KAB Engineering.
  • "Economy and Performance: Engineering, Competition, and the Gilmore/Mobil Economy Runs." - John Heitmann, University of Dayton.
  • "The New Biomorphs, An Emerging Trends on the Automotive Design Theme." - William Porter, General Motors Company (retired).
  • "Everything Old is New Again - The Resurrection of the Electric Automobile." - Donald L. Wood, Intellectual Property Lawyer.
  • "Schneider Trophy -- The Inter-War Crucible of High-Speed Aircraft." - Alfred D. Bosley, Chrysler (retired).


  • "Taming Spontaneous Combustion -- Historical Reflections on the Diesel Engine." - Charles A. Amann, KAB Engineering.
  • "Electric Vehicle Battery Development History." - Robert Galyen, Magna E-Car Systems.
  • "Chrysler's 1,000 HP Recuperated Turboprop - 6,927 Inconel Tubes!" - Robert Pauley, Chrysler Corporation (Retired).
  • "The Reach for Economy in the 1910's - Scripps Booth and the Cycle Car Craze." - Thomas Booth, Delphi (Retired).
  • "Intermodal Transport from 1800 to 1960." - Catherine Aska Thompson, Isuzu Manufacturing Services, Inc.
  • "Streamlining the American Car, 1918-1949" - William Porter, General Motors Corporation (Retired).