Learn More About the SAE.org Re-design

Why has the site been re-designed?
The design and navigation structure of SAE.org had been in place for three years, so changes were needed to bring things up to date. More importantly, we had three years of customer feedback so we knew we could make this site easier to use.

How was this design developed?
We started with feedback gleaned from conversations with site users, performed surveys, and did an analysis of how the site has been used by our members and customers. A team of experts gathered this information, developed a new design, then did extensive testing to fine-tune the new look and navigation scheme.

What has changed?
The most obvious change is cosmetic - the site looks different and (we hope) better. The new design is more modern, professional, and better reflects SAE's image as a leader in the mobility engineering industries.

We've also changed the site's structure and navigation, making it easier for more people to find their way through the site. The most obvious changes are the nine icons you see toward the top of the SAE home page. These allow you to browse the site by industry (bookmark your industry's home page if you'd like to go straight there next time), or by the type of interaction you're looking for (volunteering, exhibiting, etc).

You may also notice that we no longer offer "drop-down" menus. Instead, you can select the area of interest to you - from Membership to Standards Development to the SAE Store - and see a detailed list of what information and services are available through each facet of SAE. The final addition to help you navigate the site are new strings of linked text above each page title that tell you where you are in the site, and allow you to go back to the area of the site you need to find more information.

What hasn't changed?
First of all, the products, services, and content offered by SAE are all still there. You'll also see that some parts of the site still look the same as they did before. That's because we wanted to focus on the core of the SAE site to introduce you to the new design. As time goes on, you'll see more changes. For now, things like our online discussion forums, section web sites, magazines, the student site, and some Motorsports pages still have the same look and feel that you've become accustomed to seeing.

Why should I "log in" to the SAE site?
Logging in to the SAE site allows you to personalize your visit to www.sae.org, so we've given you a few tools to help make the most of this option. In the upper right corner of the site, you'll see a "Login/MySAE" option. If you don't have an ID and password, just "Sign up" to get one. On the other hand, if you are already logged in, you'll see a "Hi" message in that spot, along with the options to visit your MySAE page or to log out. Don't forget - click the "Remember me" option when you log in, so you'll be automatically logged in when you visit the SAE site again through the same computer.

How can I help SAE keep going in the right direction?
This redesign has been done to help all of our members and customers, so we want to hear your feedback. If you notice something that isn't working, isn't convenient, or could be improved, just send an email to website@sae.org. If you just want to let us know that you "like what we've done with the place," we'd love to hear that too.