Web user survey:

Those of us here at SAE are committed to making our Web site as useful and user-friendly as possible. Therefore, we would like to take a few minutes of your time to get some confidential feedback about our site and your expectations for a successful Web experience. This information will be considered as part of a project to re-design the SAE site during the next year.

1. How many steps do you reasonably expect to click through, in order to find the information you need on a large Web site like SAE's, that serves many functions?
2 3 4 5 6
2. Web sites can offer different paths to find information that you need. Please rate the following methods in terms of how useful you would find them for getting where you need to go on our site.

By industry and/or topic (i.e. Aerospace, Quality, Design Processes, etc.)

By product type (i.e. Books, Papers, Events, etc.)

By role and/or task (i.e. Volunteer, Corporate Buyer, Member, etc)

Using a "Search" box function

3. If you feel that an industry/topic-based approach would be useful, please rank the following types of categories, with "1" being the most useful approach.
  1 2 3
By industry (i.e. Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Duty)
By technology (i.e. Safety, De-icing, Brake Systems, etc)
By task (i.e. Design, Manufacturing, Testing, etc)
4. How would you rate the speed of viewing pages on the SAE Web site, compared to other sites you visit?
5. Do you usually enter SAE's site through the SAE Homepage?
Yes   No
If you chose "no" please describe which page you enter, and why.
6. Which would you prefer that the SAE site offer:
7. Do you feel it would be useful for the SAE site to "remember" you when you return, rather than asking you to log in again each visit?
8. If SAE offered you the ability to create a customized list of links to specific parts of the SAE Web site, would you use this feature?
Yes    No