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Carbon Dioxide (R 744) as supplementary heating device
Hans Hammer, AUDI, and Juergen Wertenbach, DAIMLERCHRYSLER

CO 2 -A/C-system COP comparison R134a versus CO2
Dr. Adiprasito Baroto

CO2 as Refrigerant for A/C and Heat Pump operation
J�rn Fr�hling, Climate Control Visteon Corporation

A CO 2 Refrigerant System for Vehicle Air-Conditioning
Sub-Title: Fuel Consumption of CO2 Refrigerant System

K. Ijima, Zexel

Components for C02 A/C System
Virender Jain, Cary Haramoto, Isaac Shilad and Josef Pfister, Parker

Cooperation on CO2—Compressors
Steve Sakamoto and Peter Giese, SANDEN / LuK

Development of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Applied Refrigeration System
Torahide Takahashi, CalsonicKansei Corporation

Development of Improved R134a Refrigerant System
Jan Xu and Jay Amin, Climate Control Visteon Corporation

FMEA of CO2 Air Conditioning Systems
Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Hussels RISA Sicherheitsanalysen GmbH (Germany)

Material Related Design Criteria and Test Methods for Components Driven by R744 as Refrigerant
Werner Stadtm�ller, MPA Stuttgart, and Roland C�esar, DaimlerChrysler AG

Mobile Air Conditioning Climate Protection Partnership
Dr. Stephen O. Andersen (U.S. EPA), Ward Atkinson (SAE) and Simon Oulouhojian (MACS)

Selecting Climate-Friendly Air Conditioning Systems
Dr. Stephen O. Andersen, U.S. EPA

Low Pressure CO2 Air Conditioning System
John Meyer, Ph.D., Visteon Corporation, and Christopher J. Seeton, Spauschus Associates, Inc.

The Need to Establish SAE Documents for Alternate Refrigerants
This overview covers vehicle comfort evaluations and areas of discussion during the event.
Ward Atkinson, Sun Test Engineering

Optimization of the CO2 A/C system: The Gas Cooler effect.
M. Ben Yahia, C. Mann and P. Meurillon, Valeo Climate Control (France)

Performance Study of Refrigerating Oils with CO2
Yasuhiro Kawaguchi, Masahiko Takesue, Masato Kaneko and Toshinori Tazaki, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Reducing R134a Automotive Air Conditioner Connector Leaks under Customer Usage Conditions
Chhotu Patel and Ralph Wooten, Hutchinson

Safety When Handling CO2-Systems
Results of the working group: M.Lorenz (Visteon), R.Knorr (BMW), H.Mittelstrass (Behr), D.Schroeder (Audi), J.Schug (Porsche) and C.Walter (Behr)

Transcritical CO2 Mobile Heat Pump and Air Conditioing System Experimental and Model Results
C.W. Bullard, J.M. Yin and P.S. Hrnjak, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center

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