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Opportunity for a Global Mobile Air Conditioning Partnership for Climate Protection
Dr. Stephen O. Andersen, Director of Strategic Climate Projects, U.S. EPA Climate Change Division

Mobile Air Conditioning Climate Protection Partnership
Dr. Stephen O. Andersen, Director of Strategic Climate Projects, U.S. EPA Climate Change Division

The Educational Needs to Service New Mobile Air Conditioning System Technology
Simon Oulouhojian, President, Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide

Refrigerant Emissions from Mobile Air Conditioning Systems and the Value of Recycling - Update IPCC Meeting
James A. Baker, Delphi Automotive Systems

Update - Second Year of CO2 Air Conditioning Operation on German City Bus
Jurgen Koehler, Konvekta

Development of CO2 Scroll Compressor for Automotive Air-Conditioning Systems
Makoto Takeuchi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

TEWI Comparison of Current and Future HFC-134a Systems and CO2
Christophe Petitjean, Valeo

Selection of an Alternate Refrigerant
V. Sumantran, General Motors

Safety Aspects of an A/C System With Carbon Dioxide as a Refrigerant
Bernd Dienhart, Jay Amin, Visteon/Ford Juergen Wertenbach, DaimlerChrysler

Concerns for the System on a Small Passenger Car
Nobuno Kobayashi, Toyota Motor Corporation

Experimental Evaluation of the Prototype CO2 System and the HFC-134a System in Wind Tunnel
Kiyokazu Yamamoto Sanden Corporate R&D

Update - Reduced Pressure CO2 Cycle for Vehicle Climate Control
David Henderson, Spauschus Associates

A CO2 Refrigerant System for Vehicle Air Conditioning
Shunichi Furuya, Zexel Dr. G. D. Mathur, Zexel, USA

Connecting Components for CO2 Circuit
Thomas Fritz, Aeroquip

Keeping CO2 Where it Belongs - Requirements for Sealing Future Automotive Climate Control Systems
Colin Harrison, Materials Engineering Research Laboratory Ltd.

Design Issues in Expanding CO2
Roger Briggs, Eaton

On-Vehicle Performance of a Secondary Loop A/C System
Dr. Mahmoud Ghodbane, Delphi Automotive

Providing Occupant Comfort - Vehicle Design Considerations for Air Conditioning Systems
Ward Atkinson, Sun Test Engineering

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