SAE Workforce Recruitment Solutions

For organizations focused on building a highly competent technical workforce, invest your recruitment dollars effectively with the resources of SAE International.

Download the SAE Recruitment Media Kit

SAE Career Center
SAE's online Career Center offers job posting packages, pay-for-prospect resume database and job alert system.

SAE Career Fairs
Career Fairs are one of SAE's Workforce Recruitment Solutions that provides a medium for qualified candidates to connect with industry employers and recruiters.

SAE Recruitment Advertising
SAE provides the opportunity for recruitment staff to tap into the engineering disciplines that crossover the three industries of automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicle in addition to showcasing your message to students.

Reach the passive seekers by advertising your recruiting message in the following SAE publications:

Recruitment Advertising. Momentum: Full page $3350, half page $2200. Recruitment Advertising. Update: Full page $2500, 2/3 page $2000, half page $1500, 1/3 page $1250, column inch rate $155

Mechanical Specifications below:

Full page
Trim Size 8 1/8 10 7/8
Bleed Size 8 3/8 11 1/8
Live Area 7 5/8 10 3/8
2/3 page 4 5/8 10
1/2 page island 4 5/8 7 5/8
1/2 page horizontal 7 4 7/8
1/2 page vertical 3 3/8 10
1/3 page vertical 2 1/4 10
1/3 page square 4 5/8 4 7/8

SAE Collegiate Design Series
SAE's Collegiate Design Series sponsorships* enable you to meet some of the brightest and most motivated university students, whether it is Recruitment, Brand Awareness or Corporate Recognition.

SAE International: your foundation for building a technologically superior workforce!

Please contact:

Martha Tress
SAE Recruitment Sales Manager
Telephone: (724) 772-7155
(724) 772-7155

SAE International
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Warrendale, PA 15096-0001
Toll Free- 1-888-875-3976 (U.S. & Canada)
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