Special Publications(SPs) from SAE 2006 World Congress

What is an "SP" or "Special Publication?" An SP is a collection of related SAE Technical Papers from one or more sessions at a particular SAE event. VALUE priced, SPs can save you 60% or more when compared to the cost of purchasing individually the papers included in a particular collection.

SP-2027 Intelligent Vehicles & Transportation Systems
SP-2028 In-Vehicle Software & Hardware Systems
SP-2029 Safety Critical Systems
SP-2030 Simulation & Modeling Mechatronics
Emissions and Environment
SP-2025 Advanced Catalysts and Substrates, 2006
SP-2022 Diesel Exhaust
SP-2023 Diesel Exhaust Emission Control Modeling, 2006
SP-2024 Emission: Measurement, Testing & Modeling
SP-2041Thermal Systems & Climate Control
General Interest
SP-2040Military Vehicles
SP-2033 Experiments in Automotive Engineering - Experimental Test
SP-2031 Fatigue Research & Applications, 2006
SP-2035 Innovations in Steel Sheet Products & Processing & Steel Bar Products
SP-2038 Load Simulation & Analysis in Automotive Engineering
SP-2036 Magnesium Technologies, 2006
SP-2037 Modeling Testing & Design of Materials Dummies & Structures for Crash Safety Applications
SP-2039 Powder Metallurgy, 2006
SP-2032 Reliability and Robust Design in Automotive Engineering, 2006
SP-2034 Welding & Joining & Fastening & Friction Stir Welding
PowerTrain and Propulsion
SP-2008 Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Powertrains 2006
SP-2006 Applications of Fuel Cells in Vehicles 2006
SP-2013 CI & SI Power Cylinder Systems and Power Boost Technology 2006
SP-2015 Combustion and Flow Diagnostics and Fundamental Advances in Thermal Fluid Sciences 2006
SP-2012 Compression Ignition Combustion Process 2006
SP-2010 Diesel Fuel Injection and Sprays 2006
SP-2003 Electronic Engine Controls 2006
SP-2005 Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Combustion 2006
SP-2009 Hydrogen IC Engines
SP-2002 In-Cylinder Diesel Particulate and NOx Control 2006
SP-2011 Multi-Dimensional Engine Modeling 2006
SP-2014 New Diesel Engines and Components and CI Engine Performance for Use with Alternative Fuels
SP-2004 New SI Engine and Component Design 2006
SP-2016 SI Combustion and Direct Injection SI Engine Technology
SP-2001 Transmission and Driveline 2006
SP-2007 Variable Valve Actuation 2006
Safety and Testing
SP-1999 Accident Reconstruction 2006
SP-1994 Air Bags and Occupant Restraints
SP-1993 Automotive Lighting Technology and Human Factors in Driver Vision and Lighting
SP-1995 Biomechanics 2006
SP-2017 Brake Technology 2006
SP-1990 Fire Safety 2006
SP-1992 Human Factors in Driving and Automotive Telematics and Seat Comfort
SP-1998Safety Test Methodology and Structural Crashworthiness 2006
SP-1997Side Impact, Rear Impact and Rollover 2006
SP-2019 Steering & Suspension Technology and Tire & Wheel Technology
SP-1991 Vehicle Aerodynamics 2006
SP-2018 Vehicle Dynamics and Simulation 2006
SP-2000 Virtual Engineering, Virtual/Digital Technology and Rapid Prototyping