Peter Froeschle, Executive Director, GM Powertrain Engineering, General Motors Company

Having joined Daimler in 1994, today Peter Froeschle is the head of the department Strategic Energy Projects & Market Development Fuel Cell / EV.

During this period, he has been elected as Board member of the New Energy World Industrial Grouping and subsequently as member of the governing board of the Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen. This is a public private partnership that will spend almost 1 Billion Euro in this technology. He is also a member of several executive committees which accelerates the development of new energy technologies.

In the position as a program manager during 2000 until 2004 he was responsible for Daimler's worldwide F-Cell fuel cell vehicle fleet program.

From 1998 until 2000 he integrated the fuel cell & hybrid powertrain vehicle activities into the regular car development processes at Daimler. Before that Peter Froeschle held various technical planning positions in the Mercedes-Benz production and development organizations.

Peter Froeschle, born in 1965, finished his studies at the Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany with a degree in technical & economic cybernetics. Later he completed his management skills with a graduation as MBA at the St. Gallen Business School.