Herbert Kohler, Vice President, Group Research & Advanced Engineering, e-drive & Future Mobility, Chief Environmental Officer, Daimler AG

Since April of 2009, Herbert Kohler has been Vice President of the division, E-Drive and Future Mobility, of Daimler Group Research and Advanced Engineering, which includes the development of battery and fuel cell powertrains. In addition, since March of 2002, Kohler has been the Chief Environment Officer of Daimler AG. In August of 2006, he held the title of head of the division, Group Research & Advanced Engineering Vehicle and Powertrain. In October of 2000, he was appointed Vice President "Body and Power Train Research," after holding positions in Product Management within Passenger Car Marketing. After receiving his B.S. degree in engineering from Stuttgart University in 1976, Kohler joined the Daimler-Benz AG. He also received his PHD degree from the same university in 1982.