Tom Cackette, Chief Deputy Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board (ARB)

With the Air Resources Board since 1982, Tom Cackette serves as the Chief Deputy Director of the staff of the ARB. He manages all aspects of the Board's motor vehicle emission control program, which develops regulations and other programs to reduce vehicle emissions. He also manages the Board's Monitoring and Laboratory Division, which performs ambient air quality monitoring and develops test methods.

Involved in many aspects of air pollution control since 1974, Cackette has also served as a Legislative lobbyist for the ARB, and worked for eight years for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Motor Vehicle Emission Laboratory in a variety of technical, management and policy positions. Before that he was involved in rocket engine production and test and flight performance analysis at Rocketdyne in Los Angeles, where he gained first-hand knowledge from living in the smoggiest city in the U.S. Cackette has a Masters of Science degree in Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has published papers for the Society of Automotive Engineers and Air and Waste Management Association, and is a frequent speaker on air quality issues.