SAE 2013 World Congress & Exhibition

April 16-18, 2013

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Cobo Center

Chat with Experts - Safety/Testing

April 17; 4:00 p.m.
Room: M3-32
Motorsports (MSECCHAT100)
Naethan Eagles
Total Sim
Naethan Eagles

Naethan graduated in 1993 with an honors degree in Aeronautical Engineering from City University London. He joined a small R&D company that same year which provided experimental and CFD consulting services to the HVAC industry. He moved to Rolls-Royce PLC in early 1997 working on the development of the Trent series of gas turbine engines, using a combination of CFD and FEA technologies. He joined Advantage-CFD in late 1998 initially to work with BAR F1 on their aero development programme. but together with Rob Lewis went on to spearhead the aero consultancy arm of ACFD, working on projects as diverse as Champ-Car and IRL aero development to alternative power generation systems. Naethan left ACFD in the summer of 2001 to start the CFD Department at the BMW-Williams F1 Team. Over the next ten years he grew the size and scope of the department, integrating the use of CFD fully into the aerodynamic design process, placing CFD at the heart of all aero development, and the primary tool for all conceptual aero work, cooling work and structural load determination. Naethan has extensive experience in Fullscale WT testing and track testing, including instrumenting, data capturing and data reduction. His experience of successfully taking designs from concept through CFD and model scale WT testing, to implementation and verification on the actual vehicle gives him a rare combination of advanced modeling skills and practical understanding of racecar development.

David Finch
RAETECH Corporation
David Finch

David Finch, MSME is president of RAETECH Corporation, an engineering firm he founded. RAETECH has over twenty five years experience developing production and motorsports drivetrains, chassis and full vehicles for OEMS worldwide. RAETECH most recently developed the E85 engine for the EDISON2 team to win the 2010 Progressive Automotive X-Prize 100 MPG-E Challenge. RAETECH's engineering programs currently support NASCAR teams and team in various road racing organizations. RAETECH engineering has contributed significant efforts to OEM championships in the North American Super Touring Car Series, ALMS, FIA GT with victories in both Le Mans and overall at the Daytona 24 Hour races.

David, as well as a racing car design engineer, is a six time National Champion road racing driver and a trackside race engineer. He is the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the SCCA's President's Cup, the distinctive Al Holbert Memorial from Porsche and the Mark Donohue Award from the U.S. Road Racing Drivers' Club. The USRRDC also inducted David as a member. He is a thirty year member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and a technical judge for the Formula SAE series. David is an instrument rated pilot who flies gliders and airplanes.

Ray Leto
TotalSim LLC
Ray Leto
Ray Leto, a 25 year veteran of open wheel racing, received a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State in 1985 and began his career by working his way up through the motorsports ranks as a mechanic and engineer.

Ray joined Truesports Company Racing in 1988 as an engineer and worked there until it's closure in '92. For the next 15 years Ray worked within the Team-Rahal and Rahal-Letterman organization in many roles including Race Engineer, Aerodynamicist, Chief Race Engineer, Technical Director, CART Team Manager, and Acting General Manager. Ray helped guide several Rahal drivers to wins while retaining a focus on aerodynamics and simulation throughout his varied career with the team.

Ray brings this 25+ years of high pressure racing experience to his role as President of Total Sim USA, a CFD consulting business based in Dublin, Ohio. Total Sim USA is partnership between Total Sim Ltd. in Brackley UK formed in 2007 by Dr. Rob Lewis, Naethan Eagels, who spent the last 10 years building the CFD Department at WilliamsF1, and Ray . With a UK staff of 16, 5 engineers in the US, and with over 1000 of cores of compute power, Total Sim continues innovation and leadership by lending their extensive experience to clients in motorsports, automotive, and other fields where rapid change is essential.

Ray is also serves on the SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference Committee, and hosted the inaugural Aerodynamics Conference at IMIS in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Wiley McCoy
Retired, McLaren Performance
Wiley McCoy

Wiley McCoy is retired as president of McLaren Performance Technologies, and currently serves as a technical advisor to McLaren. McLaren is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Linamar Corp. a provider of powertrain and driveline systems to the global automotive world. Besides his 35 years in the McLaren organization, Wiley has served the SAE Motorsport activity for + 15 years, and as a FSAE design judge for +10 years.

John W. Melvin, Ph.D.
Tandelta, Inc.
Wayne State University

John Melvin

Dr. Melvin's major research interest is the biomechanics of impact injury and its application to the protection of vehicle occupants in crashes. He received his B.S.(1960), M.S.(1962) and Ph.D.(1964) degrees in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the University of Illinois. As a Research Engineer and Associate Professor at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, from 1968 to 1985, he was involved in the planning and implementation of research projects dealing with the mechanical properties of biological tissues; injury mechanisms of the organs and structures in the head, neck, chest, abdomen, and lower extremities; development of test dummy components; and the development and evaluation of advanced restraint systems for children and adults. From 1985 to 1998 he was a Senior Staff Research Engineer at the General Motors Research Laboratories where he conducted research on head and neck injury, and, most recently, racing car crashes for the purpose of improving both racing car and advanced passenger car crash protection. He retired from General Motors in September 1998 and is currently an independent consultant on the biomechanics of crash injury, racecar driver crash protection, and an Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Wayne State University.

John has been conducting and publishing research on the biomechanics of impact injury and its application to the protection of vehicle occupants in crashes for over 42 years. His research on racecar driver safety over the past 18 years has made him one of the world's foremost authorities on racecar driver crash protection. Since retiring from General Motors in 1998, John has served as a consultant to many racing organizations such as CART, IRL, NASCAR and the SFI Foundation. He is a Fellow of the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety and Sustainability.

Bob Welge
Roberts Engineering Development
Bob Welge

Bob Welge is a Manager/Engineer for advanced technology and new concept development programs. His area of specialization is Aerodynamics and he is currently Chief Engineer at Robert's Engineering Development. Bob is the author of 31 professional papers and reports and co-author of the text "Applied Computational Aerodynamics" (AIAA). Bob has received several industry/government awards, lectured at UCLA, University of Illinois and Cal Tech and served on NASA's Aeronautics Advisory Council. He is an SAE Fellow, Associate Fellow AIAA, member of the SAE Motorsports Engineering Committee, Activity Chair for Motorsports on the SAE Land and Sea Group and member of the SAE Engineering Meeting Board. He has a Master of Science Degree from UCLA.