SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

April 8-10, 2014

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Cobo Center

AVL Technology Leadership Center

Leveraging the Great Convergence

The "great convergence" of global CO2 and emissions mandates is driving powertrain technology solutions worldwide. Similarly, the impact of driver distraction, V2X and smart phones is influencing advances in active safety and connectivity solutions. How are these forces shaping global automotive decisions? Expert panelists will discuss how the industry is leveraging the convergence of regulations to develop more common safety, powertrain, and connectivity solutions. The session will also address the potential opportunities and benefits that further alignment of fuel economy regulations, CO2 mandates, driver distraction guidelines, and connectivity solutions could bring to the global industry.

Building Bridges Between the Motor City and Silicon Valley

The Motor City is stepping on the gas to keep up with Silicon Valley. Pundits believe success for Detroit's automakers will depend on the industry bridging the gap between its traditional incremental innovation and the lightning fast breakthroughs in consumer electronics. Can automakers step up the pace in implementing new technologies into vehicles? This panel will answer this question as they explore how to make the technological shift happen in proven and practical ways.

Consumer Driven Powertrain Innovations

What will drive powertrain consumer purchase decisions of the future? With so many powertrain choices, consumer preferences for powertrain rarely align with regulations. Quality, driving experience, and performance are just a few reasons why. This panel will discuss pathways and 2025 powertrain solutions that the industry is working on to meet a broad set of real world future consumer needs.

Regulatory Driven Impacts on Powertrain

Regulations are transforming powertrain technologies by pushing the industry to innovate at a very fast pace. The industry is also faced with finding the most cost effective solutions to meet future global emissions and fuel economy standards. This panel will discuss the types of innovation that various OEMs and suppliers are bringing forward to meet significant challenges. The real question is: what, if any, silver bullets exist in the innovation pipeline?

Connected Car and Cyber Security

We are connected, but are we safe? As vehicles become more connected to the Internet, wireless networks and each other, consumers are at greater risk of becoming victims of hacking. Possible threats to interconnected systems and cyber security are front and center for every manufacturer and supplier. This session looks at the ways in which manufacturers are addressing cyber security and the proactive steps they are taking to stay current and thwart potential threats.