SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

April 8-10, 2014

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Cobo Center

FEV Powertrain Innovation Forum

New Possibilities with the Connected Vehicle

What's your neighbor's vehicle doing? Find out in this session that focuses on the future of connected vehicle technologies, including infotainment and V2X - Vehicle connectivity. Discussion will focus on the challenges OEMs and suppliers are facing with the rapid development and deployment of new technologies related to the Connected Vehicle, including the continuously constricting development time window that is available for such systems. This is complicated by the fact that feature content is increasing rapidly. Speakers will address approaches that are being taken to handle the large variety of consumer devices and how companies can ensure data integrity and consumer satisfaction.

The Changing Face and Complexity of OBD There's a new level of On Board Diagnostics coming. OBD is shifting from the engine and exhaust after treatment system to in-cylinder measures, such as miss-fire detection. As OEMs further pursue downsized and highly boosted engines, pre-ignition is becoming a major topic that is driving emissions system performance and durability. In this session, industry experts will examine the influence of this trend, as well as the likely impact on future compliance requirements.

Keeping the Energy in Without Sacrificing Engine Components Active thermal management of powertrain system components is becoming state-of-the-art as engineers consider active control strategies and technologies, which include thermostats, water pumps, application of complete thermal modules, and high load EGR systems, heating/cooling systems and other technologies that can be actively managed. This session will feature relevant insights into the trade-offs between thermal management and component durability.

The New Art of Quiet - NVH Powertrain Advancements and the Future of Quiet With new trends toward "highly strung" engines and transmissions, start/stop operation, and electric and hybrid vehicles, the future of quiet is taking on a new shape. These technologies present myriad new possibilities, and NVH engineers now face resulting challenges that require innovative and advanced solutions. In this session, industry experts will discuss this NVH renaissance and the forward-thinking technical approaches that are being used to proactively address these complex issues.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Today's powertrain engineers are in the midst of a revolution in engine technology as virtually every OEM readjusts it's powertrain mix to get the most out of increasingly efficient engines. This session will examine recent developments and new trends that include various boosting technology strategies, advanced combustion systems and fuel injection technologies, and advanced emission controls with modern DI concepts where particulate size and count mitigation are increasingly becoming compliance relevant factors for CAFÉ, LEVIII and particulate emissions.