SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

April 8-10, 2014

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Cobo Center

Dr. Peter Phleps

DR. PETER PHLEPS "Mobility: Future Market, or End of Growth?"
Senior Researcher/Futurist,
Institute for Mobility Research, BMW Group

Peter Phleps is a senior researcher and futurist at the Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo), a research facility of BMW Group. He has a doctoral degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Technische Universität München (TUM). Before joining ifmo he worked as a Research Associate at the TUM Institute of Aircraft Design, where he focused on the combination of scenario analysis and technology evaluation, applied for different aspects of the air transport system.

At ifmo he deals with future developments and challenges relating to mobility across all modes of transport, with automobility being only one aspect among many. Taking on an international perspective, ifmo's activities focus on social science and sociopolitical, economic and ecological issues, but also extend to cultural questions related to the key challenges facing the future of mobility.

"Mobility: Future Market, or End of Growth?"

For more than a century, intercity rail, public transport and the mass production of cars has strongly supported economic growth and continuously rising sub-urbanization. Transportation has pushed industrial development all around the world. Mobility has become a necessity to handle everyday life. Yet, while developing countries have just recently entered the period of fast mobility growth, in many industrialized countries one can find evidence for stagnating passenger travel, especially driven by changing car usage. Next to economic factors, explanations point to demographic development or increasing multi-modal mobility patterns of young adults.

What does this mean for the future? Must industrialized countries like the US or Germany cope with stagnating mobility development? Which mobility path will subsequent developing countries (such as BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India, China) follow in the future? Based on international research initiated by the Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo), this keynote address will answer the above questions and conclude new possibilities for the future mobility market.