SAE 2015 World Congress & Exhibition

April 21-23, 2015

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Cobo Center

Technical Program

Keynote Speakers

At SAE World Congress, a Keynote speaker is most often an industry, media or government thought leader that provides an informative or engaging keynote discussion for the Industry.

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Management Program

AVL Technology Leadership Center
Automotive strategic business matters is the key feature of the Technology Leadership Center. Industry leaders, thought leaders, senior executive level are selected and invited to participate as moderators and panel members.

FEV Innovation Forum
The Innovation Forum sessions focus on important issues and advances in vehicle and propulsion system technologies. Panels formed by High Level Technical Managers deliver information on technologies being researched, developed, and/or implemented in their organization or within the industry

Tech Hub - NEW FOR 2015!

Located on the exhibit floor, and completely NEW for 2015, the SAE World Congress Tech Hub will feature industry experts addressing technical advancements most critical to the sustained advancement and growth of the automotive industry, and will enlighten their colleagues with concepts not yet mature enough for formal technical paper presentation. Thought leaders from outside of the industry will also challenge attendees with ideas and concepts that may be transferable, and will be thought provoking, or even disruptive.

Developed with automotive engineers and other key stakeholders in mind, the Tech Hub integrates information sharing in short, impactful segments presented in diverse, non-traditional methods (such as hands-on demonstrations, engaging talks, etc.). Unlike other aspects of World Congress, the Tech Hub will provide information that is focused on topics specific to, or that can be transferred to, automotive engineering practices and support.

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Chat with the Experts

Chat with the Experts
As an extension of the Technical Program, Chats with the Experts discussion groups create an informal environment between audience and expert to explore technical issues, pose questions of concern, and share lessons learned. The goal of these chat sessions is to enhance technical understanding and facilitate interactive problem solving.

Each Chat begins with a 5 -10 minute introspective overview on what critical items on the subject to be addressed, given by the Expert. Then, each Expert will facilitate dialogue on concerns, issues or questions about the given subject with a group of up to 20 attendees. Each attendee is encouraged to pose questions, share experiences and explore practical solutions.

Technical Expert Panels

Technical Expert Panels
As an extension of the Technical Program, each panel brings together 3-5 experts to discuss critical issues regarding the integration and application of Technologies relevant to the engineering community in a moderated format. The goal of the Technical Panels is to enhance the technical understanding of items critical to those participating in the audience via problem solving discussions and exchange of ideas. Each attendee is encouraged to pose questions, share experiences and explore practical solutions.

Technical Sessions

The solutions-oriented Technical Sessions at SAE World Congress provide the perfect opportunity for engineering professionals to discover, collaborate, and engage with peers from around the globe. These Technical Sessions, developed by industry professionals to maximize industry relevance, are designed to allow industry members of all levels to gather relevant and stimulating information to enhance skills and creativity today.

Technical Sessions by Day