Special Publications from the SAE 2010 World Congress

What is an SP or "Special Publication?"
A Special Publication is a print collection of technical papers from one or more sessions presented at an SAE conference. Based on key challenges facing the industry, these papers provide research and findings from leading technical experts focusing on a specific topic.

SP-2259Brake Technology, 2010
SP-2260Noise and Vibration, 2010
SP-2261Tire and Wheel Technology and Vehicle Dynamics and Handling, 2010
SP-2262Safety Critical Systems, 2010
SP-2263In-Vehicle Networks and Software, 2010
SP-2264Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) Technology Advanced Controls and Navigation, 2010
SP-2266Automotive Lighting Technology and Human Factors in Drive Vision and Lighting, 2010
SP-2267Accident Reconstruction, 2010
SP-2268Biomechanics, 2010
SP-2269Vehicle Aerodynamics, 2010
SP-2270Rear Impact, Side Impact, and Rollover 2010
SP-2271Safety Test Methodology and Structural Crashworthiness and occupant Safety, 2010
SP-2272Reliability and Robust Design in Automotive Engineering, 2010
SP-2273Welding and Joining and Fastening
SP-2274Load Simulation and Analysis in Automotive Engineering, 2010
SP-2275Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Powertrains, 2010
SP-2276Advanced Fuel Cell Vehicle Applications, 2010
SP-2277Advanced Battery Technology, 2010
SP-2278SI Combustion and Direct Injection SI Engine Technology, 2010
SP-2279Mixing-Controlled CI Combustion
SP-2280Kinetically Controlled CI Combustion and Controls, 2010
SP-2281Modeling of SI and Diesel Engines, 2010
SP-2282Multi Dimensional Engine Modeling, 2010
SP-2283Fuel Injection and Sprays, 2010
SP-2284Engine Control and Optimization in Hybrid Powertrains, 2010
SP-2285Engine Control and Calibration, 2010
SP-2287Diesel Exhaust Emission Control, 2010
SP-2288Diesel Exhaust Emission Modeling, 2010
SP-2289Emissions Measurement and Testing, 2010
SP-2290General Emissions, 2010
SP-2291Transmission and Driveline, 2010
SP-2292Advances in Alternative Energy and Fuels for the Transportation Sector, 2010
SP-2293New Engines and Components, 2010
SP-2294Advances in Light Weight Materials
SP-2295Optical Measurement Nondestructive Testing Techniques, 2010