Environmental Sustainability


The Environmental Sustainability Standing Committee

Dr. Ronald L. Williams - General Motors - Chair
Dr. Robert J. Kainz - DaimlerChrysler - Vice Chair
    Chair - Environmental Awards Committee
    Chair - Environmental Standards Committee
Dennis Havlin - Chair - Central Organizing Committee
Dr. Walter Olson - Chair - Central Technical Committee
John Connor - Chair - External Activity Committee
Ross Good - Vice Chair - External Activity Committee
Dr. John Sullivan - Chair - 2001 Environmental Sustainability Conference

Goal To establish a cohesive focused group of experts within SAE on the impact of technology in all areas of transportation on the environment.

The ESSC is responsible for overseeing the business of all environmental and sustainability activities of their committee of SAE's Engineering Meetings Board's Groups and other operating boards that address environmental sustainability issues at technical conferences and seminars. When feasible, the ESSC also recommends changes to the activities and their committees as well as the establishment of new environmental sustainability activities, committees and conferences to the EMB and outside organizations to enhance its role by including this technology in conferences and panels to expand the ESSC platform.

Sustainability development is the next phase of integrated product development. To be effective, companies must be willing to focus on emerging technologies, markets, partners, customers and stakeholders by developing a strategy by which business seeks product development approaches that also benefit the local environment and the quality of life.

Charge The ESSC has the charge to create and facilitate the tools, devices, and methods necessary to minimize the environmental impact of the transportation industry.

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