Environmental Sustainability

Background Chronology for Environmental Sustainability Standing Committee

Initial interest in the environment with technical papers and discussion on transportation and the environment, emission, traffic congestion, air quality, noise abatement for air- breathing aircraft to space ships and land/sea vehicles.

Technical interest develops with technical papers published onthe environment and the auto industry for emissions, noise abatement, air pollution and fuels for aircraft and land vehicles.

Automotive Waste Materials Treatment Committee Transition to "Design & Manufacture for the Environment Committee"

Design for the Environment Subcommittee within the Materials Committee is formed - developed � day session at Congress.

Ad/Hoc Committee established to examine recovery and economic feasibility of materials.

DFE Subcommittee Congress sessions expand to 2 full days.
First Total Life Cycle Conference joint organized by OIAV and SAE in Vienna, Austria.

Second Total Life Cycle Conference held at the Chrysler Tech Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan
Environmental Activity begins joint coordination with Overseas Business/Technology Group concerning TLC impacts.
Environmental Activity organized congress sessions over a 4-day period.

The Environmental Activity formed within in the Land & Sea Group to address Life Cycle Issues, Vehicle Recycling, Regulatory/ Policy and Labeling and Design for the Environment.

The proposed Environmental Sustainability Standing Committee (name change) under the EMB to coordinate its role across all operating boards and committees that focus on the environmental technology.

The Environmental Sustainability Standing Committee under EMB is approved.
Fourth Total Life Cycle Conference hosted by General Motors in Detroit, Michigan.

The Environmental Sustainability Conference (former Total Life Cycle) Graz Austria