Environmental Sustainability

ESSC Organization

2.1 The ESSC shall be comprised of the following:
The Chair is nominated by the ESSC Executive Committee comprised of the Past President, The Awards Committee Chair, The Chair of the Central Technical Committee, The Chair of the Organizing Committee, The Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Congress and the chairs of activities falling under the ESSC responsibility.
Vice Chair is nominated by the ESSC Executive Committee. The Vice Chair acts as Chair in the absence of the Chair. Should the Chair be unable to fulfill the requirements of a full term of office, the Vice Chair shall assume the role of Chair.
The Central Technical Committee and its Chair are appointed by the ESSC Chair and its members are solicited from the ESSC Committees and Activities and their responsibilities are to coordinate all technical papers for the Environmental Sustainability Conference, the Annual SAE Congress and Specialty Conferences for Land, Sea, Air and Space.
The Chair of the Environmental Excellence in Transportation (E�T) Award is appointed by the Chair and Executive Committee. The Chair of that Committee selects its committee members for the review process.
The Chair of each Activity under the ESSC is elected by a majority of that activity's members and the validation of that vote is reviewed pending that it meets the procedures of SAE policy by the ESSC Chair.
Members-at-Large of the ESSC are appointed by the ESSC Chair and the Executive Committee in conjunction with any nominations of the ESSC Activity Chairs.
Liaison representatives from other operating boards are non-voting members and are determined by the ESSC Chair. Liaison will be maintained with Land and Sea Group, Air and Space Group, Overseas Business/Technology Group and Environmental Standards Committee. ESSC may establish the liaison connection to operating boards from its ESSC membership.

2.2 Each Executive Committee member's term of service shall normally be for three years.
However, a term may be extended at the discretion of the ESSC Executive Committee or the Chair. The term of service shall be staggered such that approximately half of the terms expire each one- and one-half-year.

2.3 The ESSC may establish ad hoc committees, provided they elect a Chair and operate under appropriate procedures.

2.4 The ESSC will insure that the appropriate procedures are in place to fulfill its obligations to EMB and their activities.

ESSC Organizational Chart