SAE 2013 Aerospace Alternative Fuels and Associated Environmental Impacts Symposium

June 13-14, 2013

Brussels, Belgium

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

2013 Event Chair and Deputy Chair

Steven Barrett Steven Barrett - Event Chair
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Steven Barrett is an Assistant Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His principal research interests are in quantifying the climate and air quality impacts of aviation and other modes of transportation, and developing technological, fuel-based and regulatory strategies to mitigate these impacts. A current focus is in assessing the lifecycle environmental impacts of large-scale biofuel production and use in transportation. He is Director of the Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment at MIT and is also Associate Director of the Partnership for Air Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction - a US-Canadian Center of Excellence with participants from 12 universities and 50 industry and government organizations. He teaches MIT graduate level courses in propulsion and the environmental impacts of transport. He serves as chair for the SAE 2013 Aerospace Alternative Fuels and Associated Environmental Impacts Symposium.

Michael Lakeman Michael Lakeman - Event Deputy Chair

Michael Lakeman is a Regional Director of Biofuel Strategy at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, where he is responsible for developing and executing sustainable aviation fuel projects and engagements in Asia-Pacific. He also has lead responsibilities for shaping the Boeing biofuel technology strategy, and is recognized as an Associate Technical Fellow across The Boeing Company. Lakeman's interest in biofuel development stems from more than a decade in applied plant and algae science. He was awarded his doctorate from University of Washington's Biology Department, where he researched the effects of human land-use change on toxic algal blooms. In 2007, an opportunity to work at a Seattle start-up, Imperium Renewables, introduced him to the commercial realities of the biofuel sector, experience he has brought to the specific field of sustainable biofuels for aviation.

A native of New Zealand, Lakeman attained his Bachelor of Science in Biological Chemistry from the University of Canterbury and began his employment working on crop improvement genetics at the New Zealand Institute of Crop and Food Research. He is truly excited to be involved in this field as it grows from ideas and concepts into real world commercial applications that can help address some of humankind's most important environmental and social issues. .