2015 Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment

March 31-April 2, 2015

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Is Retrofitting Worth It?
Presented by, SAE International

Thursday, April 2, 2015
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Baltimore, MD.

10:00-12:00P, Room TBD

Join us for SAE International’s 1st technical panel at the Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference.  The presentations will highlight the work of the SAE Standards work, along with a special panel discussion on the use of standards in retrofitting.

This session will provide valuable insight into the use of SAE standards in avoiding the use of counterfeit materials, implementing vehicle health management systems, and the use of composites.  Following the technical presentations, the speakers will remain on stage and discuss the value of retrofitting aging aircraft in an interactive panel discussion.


Opening: James Sherman / Bruce Mahone, SAE International
Counterfeit Material: Bob Tipton, SAE G-19, G-21 Committee
Vehicle Health Management: Chris Pomfret, SAE HM-1 Committee
Composites: Ray Kaiser, SAE CACRC Committee


Bruce Mahone, Director, Washington Operations, Aerospace, SAE International


Bob Tipton, Senior Analyst, Aerospace Systems Integrity, Wyle
Chris Pomfret, Aerospace Consultant, Treble One LLC
Ray Kaiser, Principal Engineer, Delta Air Lines

We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore and participating in our interactive panel discussion!

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