SAE Members/Company Roster Request

SAE Customer Service staff would be happy to provide you with a roster of members from your company. You may find this helpful when registering your staff for the show. Simply contact Customer Service using several options; by phone at 1-877-606-7323 (U.S. & Canada) or 724/776-4970 (outside the U.S.); by fax at 724/776-0790; or by e-mail,

Be sure to advise us of all the following points in your request:

  • I want a roster of every SAE member from my company.
  • I want a roster of only those SAE members at my location.
  • I prefer the roster to be in zip order.
  • I prefer the roster to be in alpha order.

A request to receive your roster electronically takes a minimum of 5 business days. You may request to receive the roster by mail. In this case, the roster will be printed immediately upon receiving your request and mailed the following day.

If you have questions concerning this procedure, please contact Norma Maxwell in Customer Service at the number above or by calling her direct line, 724/772-8519.