General Regulations

The contracted decorating service or SAE will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind. It is suggested that the exhibitors contact their insurance brokers to determine the possibility of obtaining a rider to cover their shipments from the time they leave home premises until deliveries reach final destinations. SAE insurance coverage does not cover loss or theft of exhibit equipment or articles of equipment on display. It is recommended, therefore, that all exhibitors secure fire and theft, personal liability and property damage insurance to protect them against loss or claims. SAE does not assume any liability from theft at the show site.

Exhibit Security
Every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect property during non-exhibition hours. No unauthorized personnel will be permitted in the exhibit area before or after exhibition hours. Guard service during non-show hours will be provided in the exhibit hall. However, it is unwise to leave small items of value such as laptop computers, briefcases, cameras, giveaways, etc., in your display while it is not staffed. It is suggested that all small items of value be removed from your display area each night. Advise SAE of any valuable shipment. It can be specially handled and moved to the security room. Thefts or misplacement of materials should be reported immediately to SAE so that appropriate reports are filed with security. SAE does not assume any liability for thefts from the show site.

The taking of photos, videos, etc. is prohibited by attendees at any time. Exhibitors are permitted to take photographs, videos, etc., of their own booth only provided they receive a camera pass from SAE. Media may take photographs providing they have the exhibitor's permission and are displaying the appropriate media badge.

Selling on Exhibit Floor
Exhibitor agrees, without exception, that no selling, order-taking, or recruiting of personnel will occur in the display area or within other convention facilities provided.

Drawings, Contests, Raffles
Drawing, contests and raffles must have an educational or technical orientation and must comply with all laws or regulations which may apply to such events. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor holding the drawing, contest, or raffle to determine if the event is in compliance with all applicable laws or regulations. Appropriate legal verification of compliance must be submitted to SAE Exhibition Management which must pre-approve all drawings, contests, and raffles. Money may not be exchanged on the exhibition floor. Prizes should be of modest value and must be awarded away from the Exhibition. No prize should have more than a $100 retail value.

Drawings, contests, and raffles are discouraged as a means of attracting attention to exhibitor's booths. However, if used, SAE Exhibition management suggests that contests of any kind be directly related to the exhibit. For example, in any contest, the exhibitor should ask questions, or review material, directly related to the products or developments being displayed.

Music Prohibition
As a reminder the use of music is prohibited (protected by copyright laws). If such music is an integral part of your exhibit, you must obtain a release from the composer or the licensing agency such as ASCAP or BMI to use the music. Please forward copies of those documents to show management.

Mobile Vehicle Regulations
Display vehicles must have less that 1/8 tank of fuel and a taped or locked gas cap. The battery must be disconnected and a fire extinguisher is recommended to be near the car at all times.

Two Level Structures
All two-level or two-tiered booths are required to have smoke detectors on the first level ceilings. All enclosed areas with ceilings are required to have smoke detectors. Please contact SAE if you are planning to erect a two-story display.

Smoking is prohibited at all SAE events.

Terms and Conditions
Please refer to the "SAE Terms and Conditions" included in this manual for additional information.