Welcome Letter

Sheraton Detroit Novi
Novi, Michigan USA
February 14-16, 2006

Dear ADSC Exhibitor:

SAE welcomes you as an exhibitor at the 2006 Automotive Dynamics Stability and Controls Conference and Exhibition. We look forward to helping make this event a rewarding experience for you and your company.

This manual contains all of the forms and information that you will need to prepare for the event. We encourage you to use the manual not only for the preparation of your exhibit display, but also for a source of reference, information and checklist. To execute forms from this manual, simply locate the forms that are pertinent to your needs, print, complete, and fax to the number identified on the forms. Retain those faxes for future reference. Please feel free to call the individual vendors directly with any questions you may have. Vendor phone numbers are listed on the forms.

Please submit a description of your booth design to our office so that designs can be approved avoiding any last minute changes and problems that could cause delays during set-up. The booth rules and regulations are included in this manual. Photos are very helpful. Descriptions and photos should be sent to Sue Haney by January 3 at haney@sae.org.; phone 724-772-4015; fax 724-772-4041.

Please refer to the Exhibition Information portion of the manual for additional information and instructions.

We want to make your participation in this year's event both successful and enjoyable. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us.

Phone: 1-888-875-3976 (outside of US and Canada 1-724-772-4086)
Fax: 724-772-3087