SAE 2006 Automotive Dynamics Stability and Controls Conference and Exhibition

SAE Transactions selections

Session Paper No. Author Title
ADSC1 Vehicle Dynamics 2006-01-1972 James R Wilde ADAMS Simulation of Ride and Handling Performance of Kinetic Suspension System
ADSC8 Simulations/Simulator Applications 2006-01-1960 Ashraf Zeid Multibody Dynamic Simulation of Steering Gear Systems with Three-Dimensional Surface Contacts
ADSC9 Chassis Systems 2006-01-1968 Edward M. Kasprzak Tire Asymmetries and Pressure Variation in the Radt/Milliken Nondimensional Tire Model

SAE Transactions is an annual collection of the technical papers from that year which are best suited to be preserved in permanent literature. A paper must be accepted for publication before it can be considered for Transactions; not all papers published by SAE are preserved through Transactions. Selecting a paper for Transactions means that paper will continue to have value to engineers in the future.