Call for Papers

2012 SAE Aerospace Electronics and Avionics Systems Conference
October 30 - November1, 2012 - Phoenix Arizona, USA

Abstract DeadlineApril 27, 2012
Review-ready ManuscriptJune 8, 2012
Final Manuscripts due to SAESeptember 4, 2012

The inaugural SAE Aerospace Electronics and Avionics Systems Conference will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. This conference will highlight technology in transition, focusing on past successes, ongoing efforts and existing or perceived future impediments to fielding new technologies from the user perspective. The 2012 conference main theme will be Air Vehicle Energy Management and efficiency optimization for modern aircraft, addressing closer integration of systems, and optimization of power/thermal/energy management with support of novel avionics, integrated vehicle health management and control system architectures.

We will address advances in embedded system and architecture design for integrated vehicle controls and avionics, system engineering and system architecture modeling, virtual prototyping and verification, complexity management, system integration, avionics systems and instrumentation, obsolescence management, electric actuation and control, engine control electronics, and electronic components, space avionics and integrated UAS avionics architectures and payloads. These technologies, and others, will be playing a pivotal role in next generation, high performance systems for defense and aerospace applications

Our aim is to attract experts to share the latest achievements, experiences and design methodologies for SWaP (size, weight and power) reduction, required for the optimization of aircraft performance and reduction of aircraft operating costs.

The conference planning committee intends to provide a forum that not only addresses the most recent technical achievements, but will also provide a mechanism for the technology and user communities to work together to ease the process of bringing these technologies to fruition. In order to provide more opportunities for technology transition and networking, the planning committee has assembled a diverse group of government and industry leaders to organize the technical program.

The Planning Committee is seeking abstracts on the following topics. The committee will also consider abstracts on other topics related to the scope of this conference.

    Aircraft Systems Efficiency and Optimization Methodology

    • Aircraft systems integration, energy and SWaP optimization
    • Integrated vehicle health management
    • Electric actuation and controls
    • Vehicle management systems
    • Systems safety

    Developing Electronic Systems and Architectures Given Increasing Levels of Software/system Interdependence

    • Airborne Electronics Hardware (AEH) Certification and DO-254
    • Cyber-security
    • Design for electro-magnetic compatibility
    • Design & verification methodology
    • Electronic components, including magnetics, connectors, protective devices, terminators
    • Embedded systems and COTS standards
    • Fiber Optic Systems, Applied Photonics, Sensors, and Components
    • Integrated Modular Architectures
    • Obsolescence Management and counterfeit parts
    • Power and Cooling Design for Directed Energy Weapon Integration
    • Systems engineering and complexity management
    • Software design, integration, testing and certification
    • System integration, aircraft networks, and interconnect

    Electronics and Avionics

    • Advanced Weapon Fuze Design
    • Aircraft instruments and instrumentation
    • Aircraft lighting
    • Data Bus Technologies
    • Data Links
    • Display technology
    • Flight control systems
    • Flight Test Instrumentation
    • Navigation and guidance
    • Propulsion and engine controls
    • Sensor Integration/Interfaces
    • Space avionics
    • Unmanned systems / avionics, controls and payloads
    • Unmanned Systems Armament Employment
    • Weapon Avionic Architecture considerations and design
    • Weapon Integration/Interfaces

Abstracts should be 300-500 words in length, present facts that are new and significant, and should include results achieved, if applicable. Abstracts, including paper title, author name(s), mailing address, telephone number, facsimile number, and email address, should be submitted no later than April 27, 2012. Abstracts may be submitted online.

For assistance with on-line abstract submission, please contact Joan Hudson at; 1-724-772-4003.

To obtain an exhibition prospectus, contact: Vanessa Reddick, SAE Corporate Customer Sales, Telephone: 1-724-772-7591 or 1-888-875-3976 Fax: 1-724-776-4026, Email: