SAE 2013 Aerospace Government and Industry Meeting

September 23, 2013

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Palais des congrés de Montréal

Aerospace industry and government leaders from around the world will gather for this one day meeting to discuss how government regulations and policies affect the design, manufacture, and production of current and future civil, military, space, and aircraft vehicles.

The format of this unique event will be a series of single presentations, each followed by a panel discussion. The panels, which will consist of industry leaders and members from government regulatory agencies, will address the critical issues around the topic that was presented.

Due to the nature of this meeting, the presentations are less technical than traditional SAE Symposiums. Individuals who wish to attend conferences which discuss these technologies in more depth should also consider SAE 2013 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition – which is being held immediately following this event.

The main topics of discussion will be:

  • Economics
  • Regulatory
  • Emissions (Air/Noise)
  • Standards
  • Safety

A reception providing an excellent opportunity to network with fellow attendees will conclude this meeting.

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