SAE 2014 Aerospace Manufacturing and Automated Fastening Conference & Exhibition

September 23-25, 2014

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Salt Palace Convention Center

The SAE 2014 Aerospace Manufacturing and Automated Fastening (AMAF) Conference & Exhibition is a biennial event that brings the aerospace technical community together. The conference provides attendees with reviews and assessments of new innovations and processes, all in an effort to address the challenges and changes affecting the aerospace industry today.

The technical sessions focus on technology, practices and new processes being developed – allowing aerospace professionals to stay up-to-date and prepared for the future. The sessions will specifically reflect upon:

  • Fasteners
  • Tooling
  • Automation
  • Materials
  • Structures
  • Manufacturing

Ideas will be posed and discussed such as: What are the advancements that will prove useful? What is the right answer for your specific issue? What new technologies are coming in the future?

During the exhibition, attendees will have access to leading suppliers of aerospace automations as well as the latest tools and manufacturing equipment. They will also get a first-hand look at new applications during a leading aerospace facility tour.

This is truly the premier technology event for all those in the aerospace industry – from technical leaders to pacesetters, to academic and government professionals.

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