Live factory-model simulation workshops

SAE will be hosting numerous live factory-model simulation workshops regarding lean & agile manufacturing in conjunction with Lockwood Greene Consulting in 1999. These workshops will take place during the following SAE-sponsored manufacturing meetings and expositions:

No meetings at this time.

What to Expect?

Workshop participants work as a team to execute three distinct “hands-on” simulations for widget production: “Push,” “Pull” and “Cell.” These simulations encompass all aspects of the manufacturing process with role playing, management, production and support as well as interfaces with the customer and supplier.

Participants learn to improve the manufacturing environment through a combination of instructional approaches. These include tutorials on:

  • lean production concepts
  • case study examples
  • re-engineering approaches
  • simulation reenactments

Lean & Agile tactics taught include:

  • identify waste and non-value added activities
  • utilize visual factory techniques
  • develop standardized, level work flows, one-piece flow
  • implement continual improvement methodologies
  • incorporate key performance indicators to monitor and control a process
  • utilize Kanban systems
  • integrate the product supply chain including supplier, manufacturing and the customer

Functions of the workshops include: warehousing, fabrication, WIP storage, assembly, quality accounting using a miniature factory model, complete with tools, fixtures and material. These highly interactive workshops keep participants involved, resulting in increased understanding and retention of what it takes to make the transition into a lean production-focused organization.

What Will I Learn?

Learn how leading companies such as McDonnell Douglas, Maytag, Allied Signal, Honda America, Intel, Caterpillar, Lucent Technologies, Nissan Motor Manufacturing, Steelcase, Pepsi-Cola, TRW, and many more have used this innovative team approach for teaching the techniques of lean and agile manufacturing. The following is a list of techniques that will be taught and explained.

  • Push, pull and cell differences
  • How to re-engineer a manufacturing process
  • How to identify waste
  • How “5S” concepts work
  • How “Kaizen” process works
  • How visual factory techniques work
  • How to develop standard work flows
  • How kanban systems work
  • Product supply chain integration & logistics
  • Continual improvement practices (Kaizen)

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior Executives
  • Operations Managers
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Project Leaders
  • Team Leaders
  • Training Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Implementation Teams