SAE 2017 Additive Manufacturing Symposium

March 14-15, 2017

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Knoxville Marriott

Session Schedule

Tuesday, March 14
    AM Business and Project Cases – Aero – AMS100
    8:45 - Variability of Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Applications
      Alex McCloskey, Northrop
    9: 15 - Examples and Benefits of Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Production Applications

    AM Business and Project Cases – Automotive – AMS200
    10:15 – 3D Printing Case Studies in Manufacturing Engineering
      Harold Sears, Ford Motor Company
    10:45 – The Potential Role of Additive Manufacturing in Energy Efficient Transportation 11:15 – A Technical and Business Perspective of Additive Manufacturing at Cummins
      Roger England, Cummins Inc.

    Design and Testing for 3D Printing – AMS300
    1:15 – Using Material Simulation to Capture Processing Effects in Additively Manufactured Parts 1:45 – Design for Additive Manufacturing using parametric and topology optimization
      Etienne Ardouin, Dassault Systemes
    2:15 – Additive Manufacturing – Can it handle the pressure? 2:45 – Expansion of the Digital Thread in Additive Manufacturing 3:45 – The Implementation of Cloud Computing for Integrated Computational Material Engineering (ICME) Approach to Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Alloys
      Ayman Salem, Materials Resources International
    4:15 – Multi-Scale Modeling and Validation for Additive Manufacturing

Wednesday, March 15
    Raw Materials – AMS400
    8:15 – Additive Manufacturing – The Path to Certification 8:45 – Diving Into Carbon’s CLIP Technology and the Materials that will Accelerate 3D Manufacturing
      Matt Menyo, Carbon 3D
    9:15 – Custom Engineered Compounds for Additive Mfg 9:45 – Composite Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM)

    Developments in Manufacturing Equipment – AMS500
    10:45 – Liquid Metal 3D Printing: Towards fast low cost direct to metal AM
    11:15 – Questions Everything. BAAM Technology and the Future of Additive Manufacturing 11:45 – Automated, Intelligent Post-Printing for Production Scalability
      Daniel Hutchinson, Post Process

    3D Printing: Influencing Factors, Where It’s At and Where It’s Going – AMS600
    12:45 – TBD
      Meet the Panel
      Bill Bihlman, Aerolytics LLC
      Roger England, Cummins Inc.
      LtCol Howard K Marotto II, United States Marine Corps
      Ayman Salem, Materials Resources International
      Harold Sears, Ford Motor Company



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