Additive Manufacturing in Motion Symposium

March 13-14, 2018

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel


Who Attends

  • Manufacturing engineers assessing the value of AM in their specific applications
  • Business development professionals looking to gauge the ROI in, and the development of, an AM program
  • Engineers—research, design, product, system design—seeking insight on utilizing AM to streamline product development
  • Engineering managers who oversee product development and manufacturing and must ensure objectives are met within budget and on time
  • Academia including researchers creating the next generation of AM technology

What Do You Gain?

Additive Manufacturing in Motion provides industry with insight on and a look into, the technology advances and industry news from prominent representatives of OEM and supplier companies. The information provided by the presentations and discussions, and the opportunity for networking at the event, is valuable to those seeking to learn, get updated information, and connect with companies and people that are known for their significance in the technologies and industry.

Benefits of Attending

  • Get information on the latest innovations, technical advances, products, applications, and market issues and learn how to apply to your specific product or need
  • Identify new applications and potential new product design opportunities
  • Deepen your knowledge of the inherent freedoms and limitations of AM technology
  • Listen to actual AM use cases, including difficulties and solutions
  • Make connections with colleagues with similar challenges
  • Network with the diverse community of those working with AM and the manufacturers that implement and use AM
  • Gain an understanding of designing products for AM

Why Should You Attend?

  • A frank and revealing evaluation of current AM technology and a preview of what is changing and developing in design, manufacturing, and materials.
  • Discussion of the technology as it relates specifically to the automotive and aerospace industries.
  • Networking and interaction with peers working on similar projects and with similar successes and challenges.

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