Overview: 14th Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference

The purpose of the Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference is to advance the development of automotive engineering and the automobile industry in its entirety at the worldwide level. Initially regarded as the International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering, the 1st IPC was held in November of 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii, joining all existing SAE's in countries surrounding the Pacific. This event was so successful, the FISITA Pacific member societies chose to organize this one-of-a-kind event every two years, increasing participation to 11 societies in the Asia Pacific region.

Therefore, while the name has changed to reflect a broader audience, APAC-14 still embodies what the original International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering (IPC) stood for. This year's theme, "Impacts & Opportunities for the Global Automotive Industry," reflects the continued need for innovation and careful consideration while working in a global marketplace.

The 14th Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference (APAC-14) will bring together experts in the industry across member countries-creating an opportunity for automotive engineers and related technical professionals to communicate ideas, share knowledge, and promote automotive technologies. The attraction of this conference lies in the all-inclusive approach-generating interest in leading representatives, decision makers, and automotive colleagues around the world.

The conference will focus on five major technology subjects:

  • Powertrain Technology
  • Driver/Vehicle Interface, Information and Assistance Systems
  • Vehicle Design and Manufacturing
  • Transportation Challenges in Emerging Markets
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Intelligent Control Systems

SAE International is pleased to host this premier FISITA automotive engineering event.