SAE 2013 Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium

November 20-21, 2013

Stuttgart, Germany

Pullman Stuttgart Fontana
Event Theme:The Value Proposition for Design, Manufacturing and Production

This symposium will focus on the value proposition of utilizing augmented and virtual reality through examination of the technical, economic, application and implementation aspects of AR/VR in all facets of design, production and manufacturing. Hear from technology developers as they discuss the specific challenges, potential solutions, and future opportunities they feel are critical to advancing this technology.

Experts from the automotive, aeronautics, commercial vehicle and marine industries will provide case studies that showcase their utilization of AR/VR. They will address the value proposition of using this technology, challenges they have overcome, and any barriers they see in integrating this technology into their design, production, manufacturing operations.

Two dynamic panel discussions include:

  • Quantifying and Communicating the Business Value of AR/VR
  • Current and Future State of AR/VR Techologies
Supporting Organization:

VDC Website

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