SAE 2014 Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium

November 18-19, 2014

Dearborn/Detroit, Michigan, USA

The Henry


FORD'S IMMERSIVE VEHICLE ENVIRONMENT (The F.i.V.E. Lab) The Ford Immersive Vehicle Environment applies a variety of real-time, advanced visualization technologies to allow efficient, quick and effective evaluations of vehicle design proposals. Ford Product Development simulates a multitude of customer perspectives very early in the development process, enabling Ford to better align with customer wants and needs well in advance of program or tooling commitments.

FORD'S IMMERSIVE VEHICLE ENVIRONMENT (The F.i.V.E. Lab) In addition, as programs progress towards build events, engineers, ergonomists and designers can get immersed and walk around their virtual product in full scale, providing early assessments of craftsmanship, occupant ergonomics or potential perceived quality concerns. All of these simulations and technologies allow Ford to truly represent the manufacturability of a vehicle in the design, and respond to customer trends with new and exciting features.

Want to see more? Watch this video about The F.i.V.E. Lab.
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