SAE 2015 Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium

November 5-6, 2015

Birmingham, United Kingdom

The NEC Birmingham


This event is being held at The NEC Birmingham. Follow directional signs that say, “Halls 6-20” towards the Gallery Hospitality Suites, located above the Atrium. The AR/VR Symposium, exhibits, and food functions will take place in the Gallery area.

As the technologies for augmented and virtual reality improve and become more cost effective, individuals from the aerospace, automotive, marine, and commercial vehicle industries are learning to use them as enabling technologies for design, production, and manufacturing to great effect. In order to create long term value for these technologies within an organization, advocates for AR and VR need to show proof of concept – that these are also foundational tools that can be used throughout their product’s life cycle.

Attendees of this event will learn:

  • How to integrate design, manufacturing, and final assembly into the digital thread of your organization
  • How to show an economic value proposition for using AR and VR within your company's advanced manufacturing enterprise
  • Previous experiences, challenges, and solutions from experts in other industries utilizing AR or VR
  • The future outlook of AR and VR for the mobility industry
  • and more…

Join industry experts as they look to help you turn technology challenges into corporate solutions, by providing their experiences of integrating AR and VR within a mobility enterprise.

Organized by: SAE Global LLC

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