SAE 2015 Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium

November 5-6, 2015

Birmingham, United Kingdom

The NEC Birmingham

Tying it all together at the SAE 2015 Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium

The AR/VR world is exploding and the technology is postured to mature at an exponential rate over the next few years, say organizers of the SAE 2015 Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium slated for Nov. 5-6 in Birmingham, U.K. Opportunities to optimize the shop floor through better designs, developed with virtual reality domains in the front end of the life cycle with direct application in augmented reality on the manufacturing floor, are a part of the new business paradigm in the manufacturing industry.

To address this new partnership between design and manufacturing, The Boeing Company, Deere & Company, and Rolls Royce will jointly present "Tying It All Together - The Digital Tread." This will be one of many application-based technical presentations attendees will hear during the two-day event.

"Our experience over the last few years with this Symposium has been very positive. The enrichment of ideas across multiple industries has added to our knowledge, and enhanced our development and integration of the AR/VR products into our business," said Lorrie Sivich, PhD, Boeing Research and Technology - Adv Manufacturing Systems and Assembly Automation. She is one of AR/VR event organizers.

Another of the organizers is Arnold Taube, Project Manager at Deere & Company. "The Symposium is a venue to share our knowledge and vision of how we develop and deliver next generation products through the use of this technology and extend applications as part of our infrastructure in the product life cycle, and to learn from others their ideas and lessons learned," he said. "Additionally, this forum has been an excellent opportunity to meet with multiple vendors of AR and VR to see new technology that has been applied to industrial applications and solve problems."

The Symposium is geared for professionals from all of the mobility industries that SAE International serves. Attendees can expect to learn, among other things:

  • How to integrate design, manufacturing, and final assembly into the digital thread of your organization.
  • To show an economic value proposition for using AR and VR within your company's advanced manufacturing enterprise.
  • Previous experiences, challenges, and solutions from experts in other industries utilizing AR or VR.
  • The future outlook of AR and VR for the mobility industry.

Please visit the event website,, for more information and to register.