Panel Discussion

Expert Panel Discussion: Economics of Visualization - How to Establish Sustained Business Value of Advanced Visualization Technologies in Manufacturing

Moderators: Lorrie Sivich, Boeing, and Joe Barkai, IDC Manufacturing Insights


  • Mark Livingston, Naval Research Lab
  • Don Mottaz, Boeing
  • Rick Boggs, LMCO
  • Brad Lawrence, United Space Alliance

Advanced visualization technologies such as virtual and augmented reality have been deployed in a variety of manufacturing environments for many years. While effective, advanced visualization technologies were notoriously expensive and beyond the reach of most companies.

As hardware cost continues to drop and computational capabilities increase, manufacturing companies re-evaluate how visualization technologies can be deployed to address manufacturing challenges stemming from increasing assembly manufacturing, elongated supply chains and diminishing technical expertise. Yet, with shrinking engineering and manufacturing budgets and thinning product margins, the decade-old question remains: how do you cost-justify this investment?

This presentation will approach the question in a systematic way. Use cases from automotive, aviation and other industries will be used to discuss how visualization improves process performance in various manufacturing activities and define a product lifecycle view of applying visualization for improved decision making. The discussion will also include strategies and methods for technology investment cost justification.

Expert Panel Discussion: AR/VR Product Flow (Following the Digital Thread to the actual article) Product, Develop, Assembly Issues -Product PLM

Moderator: Joe Barkai, IDC Manufacturing Insights


  • Lorrie Sivich, Boeing
  • Galen Faidley, Caterpillar
  • Elizabeth Baron, Ford

One of the challenges facing manufacturers of complex engineered products such as airplanes and motor vehicles is communicating complex information throughout the product lifecycle as it transitions through product lifecycle phases, from engineering to early production and then to volume production and to services. Visualization technologies, from 3D digital mockup to immersive virtual reality, help manufacturers create a digital thread throughout the product lifecycle, adding fidelity to decision-making and contributing to higher process efficiency. In this panel discussion, representatives from Boeing, Caterpillar and Ford Motors will discuss the deployment of visualization technologies in their companies, how these technologies are integrated in the product development process, and the benefits they deliver.