The goal of each workshop is to talk through the various issues that the audience has in transition AR/VR technologies from a lab to a robust manufacturing and production environment.

These are open forums for your questions, issues, and problems to be addressed by the facilitators and audience members. Please Note: The workshops are relying on audience members to help drive the direction and activity of topics so please come prepared for discussion and problem solving. After the workshops there will be a debriefing in which the facilitator will address the critical issues of concern for each topic area and potential solutions / resolution ideas that were address by the participants. Notes from these debriefs will be consolidated and provided to attendees after the event.

The goal of the debriefs is to address common problems or issues currently in AR/VR and put them out to the suppliers/developers of technology to look at potential resolutions and ways to improve the technology. We will also use this information for potential presentation ideas at the 2013 AR/VR event in Europe

Workshop #1: Head Tracking, Full Body, and Motion Capture

  • Marty Smets, Ford Motor Co
  • Kurt Chipperfield, John Deere

Workshop #2: Production Environment

  • Paul Davies, Boeing

Workshop #3: CAD Model Geometry

  • Robert Jackson, Sikorsky